School Planning Conference 2024

What is New in 2024

There have been many exciting changes in GIS since we last met! ArcGIS Indoors, major updates for ArcGIS Pro and SchoolSite, and a continued strengthening of Esri’s online tools. All of these combined to offer new opportunities for analytics, learning, and better decision-making. Additionally, there is a renewed focus across the county for evaluating the changing trends in public education.

For 20 years the School Planning Conference has been a trusted resource for school district administrators who are looking for valuable insights, skill sharpening, networking, and learning with like-minded peers.

Reimagined for Post-Pandemic Schools

2024 marks the 20th annual School Planning Conference. The event has grown and changed over time as education has changed. This year, we have shifted our focus to include more facets of school planning than ever before.

How have trends changed?

Covid. Plunging births. Student Yields changing.

There is no shortage of questions about how education has changed in the past few years. Fortunately, there are also answers.

Changes in housing, school use, facility needs, and enrollment have led school districts across the country to need to rediscover and reevaluate how they are operating.

What are all the pieces to this puzzle?

The number of factors, both internal and external, impacting your district’s enrollment is staggering. The challenge lies in uncovering and understanding these factors, assessing their impact on the district, and devising an effective response.

But when we start with the question of”where is change occurring” we can then begin sorting through the abundance of noise and data in a way that leads us to answers.

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