About the School Planning Conference

The School Planning Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity for K12 administrators to connect, collaborate, and achieve successful learning outcomes. This year’s event features a diverse range of sessions tailored to various facets of school district planning, catering to administrators of all roles and experience levels.

A key highlight of the 2025 conference is the dedicated section on ArcGIS Pro. Whether you’re a first-time user or looking for a refresher, this segment offers in-depth training on the use of GIS in K12 planning efforts. In the second half of the session, you’ll have the chance to apply these newly acquired skills to real-world school planning scenarios, ensuring you leave with practical, actionable knowledge.

Beyond the technical training, the conference is an excellent platform for networking with peers in the school planning community. Engage in meaningful collaborations, exchange innovative ideas, and build lasting professional relationships that will enhance your district’s planning strategies. This is your chance to advance your skills, gain new insights, and connect with fellow K12 administrators who share your passion for effective school planning. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity!

  • Facility master planning
  • ArcGIS Indoors
  • Assessing school facility condition
  • Evaluating school capacity
  • Using ArcGIS for school safety plans
  • Student forecasting
  • School boundary planning
  • Best practices for working with committees and the community

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